Spunked-Up at the SHAFTAs

Well, despite being busy as usual getting paid for being laid with my escorting bookings, I made sure that I kept Thursday evening free to attend the annual SHAFTAs awards at swish club ’Platinum & Lace’ just off Leicester Square in London.

I was especially looking forward to it this year as not only was I intent on cheering on my good friend Rebecca More who had been nominated in the ‘MILF of the Year’ category but I was also itching to wear a very sexy ‘slashed-to-the-thigh’ white lace dress that I picked-up at the ‘Erotica’ show in London in November.

As expected when I arrived at the club in a taxi the pavement was thronged with the usual paparazzi and a crowd of general public all curious to catch sight of some porn stars – and some bare flesh into the bargain no doubt! I made sure my tits were suitably plumped-up to show them off to their best in my plunging neckline and no sooner had my foot touched the pavement as I stepped from the taxi than I was bathed in the flashlights from dozens of cameras. Not being one to disappoint the pap’s I spent a few minutes on the pavement just along from the Trocadero making sure they all got some sexy shots in a variety of poses. Of course, Joe Public were there in numbers too, all jostling to get a good view and so before heading on into the club I gave them all a quick flash of my tits which raised an appreciative cheer. As I got to the door I noticed that Ms More had been watching all this activity and so before we turned and went inside we posed for more pictures, even managing to lure our good friend Amica Bentley into the shot too.

Once inside it was great to mix with other porn stars, photographers, producers & adult TV exec’s and of course the free Champagne bar made sure that everyone was suitably lubricated & relaxed. There were plenty of extremely scantily-clad young ladies parading themselves around, all no doubt trying to catch the eye of a producer or exec’ looking for the ‘next new face’ and I wondered how many of them would be performing on the ‘casting couch’ later that evening in a bid to bag a lucrative role in an upcoming production. I bumped into porn-studs Peter Oh-Tool and Pascual White (both of whom had fucked & cream-pie’d me on-camera in some hot & juicy scenes in the past few months) and as a result of meetings at the SHAFTAs after-party I’m now booked to shoot scenes with renowned hardcore production company ’Brazzers’ & the infamous ‘Jim Slip’ from Television X in April – I hope they involve me taking a full cunt-load of thick creamy penis-porridge as a finale!

When I finally decided to head off late in the evening the pap‘s were still outside and so (having quaffed a few glasses of Champagne by then) I took the opportunity to give them a few more raunchy shots and popped my tits out the top of my dress. This seemed to meet with everyone’s approval as a big cheer went up and I was almost blinded by the flashes of dozens of cameras. One of the doormen hailed me a taxi but I got a bit bogged down on the way across the pavement as it seems a few fans had been waiting for me to come out and were eagerly wanting me to sign autographs (one guy had even bought along a few rude photo’s of me that he’d printed off my website, so I was happy to sign them for him). I eventually managed to make my way to the taxi and hopped in as the ’togs tried to take shots through the windows (I might have been naughty and opened my thighs to expose my bare cunt – I obviously couldn’t wear any panties under such a sheer dress – I really can’t emember!) It was, as usual, a really good evening and if you’re wondering if I left the event alone, well let’s just say that fifteen minutes after I’d left in the taxi I was on all fours with a very large & satisfying black tool stuck deep in my cunt as the owner emptied his big heavy balls deep inside my cunt, so make up your own mind about that!

Here’s a shot of my a little before I got filled with sperm, strutting my stuff for the pap’s just along from the Trocadero – Enjoy!

Kinky Cunt-Ring Cream-Pie

I can’t believe some of the kinky ideas that you naughty guys have sent in for shoots that you’d like to see me do and I’m pleased to report that I’ve already shot some really horny scenes with a few of my naughty members who wrote in to say they’d like to ‘star’ with me in a scene.

My latest shoot was at the weekend with a randy guy called Ian from Essex who told me had a really unusual sex-toy that he’d bought in a sex-shop in Amsterdam on a visit there in the summer. I’m not sure what it’s technical or Latin name is but he referred to it as a ‘cunt-ring’ and I have to admit that does pretty well describe the contraption fairly well. I’d never seen one before but it’s basically a plastic hoop or ring with six small clips on adjustable elastic cords spaced around it with the premise being that the clips are attached to my cunt-lips and the tension on the cords adjusted so that my cunt is held wide open – very horny!

Well, Ian offered to bring his ‘toy’ along for a shoot and I really liked the sound of it, so on Saturday he duly arrived at my home with the device for me to try out. Once fitted iut looked really filthy with me laying back with my legs spread wide and my cunt being held wide open & framed by the black ring. Ian was eager to help demonstrate it in use and was soon tonguing my juicy hole and sliding his fingers deep inside my slippery pink fuck tube. It felt really filthy laying there with my cunt totally open & exposed for him to do whatever he wanted to me and I was so turned-on that I suggested he fuck me whilst I was still wearing the device. Ian soon had his cock inside me and I guess he was really turned-on too, as within a minute or so I felt his tool pulsating inside me as he squirted his hot sticky seed deep into my gaping sex-hole, making me cum too as he did so (Wow!)

Luckily my photographer was on-hand to record the whole scene and so I’ll be able to share it all with my members in my updates area very soon. The shots of my stretched-open cunt oozing with Ian’s thick spunk after he’d pulled out of me are absolutely amazing – here’s a taster. (If there‘s any volunteers who want to cum & lick me out after I’ve been ‘cream-pied in my cunt-ring, do get in touch!)

Ian had such a good time that he made me a present of the toy and I’m really looking forward to getting up to lots of absolutely filthy ‘cream-pie’ fun with it in the future (maybe I can use it for my Ten Guy Cream-Pie shoot?)

The Biggest Cream-Pie in the World – EVER!

Wow! As regular readers of my blog will be aware, I’m constantly shooting new content for my website as I update with a new set of rude photo’s and a filthy video clip every week. Also, I’m all for members of my site getting involved whenever possible by appearing in shoots with me and I receive numerous requests from randy guys wanting to get it on with me on-camera every week.

Well whilst looking through the latest batch of enquiries from hopeful guys I came across one from a guy called Austin who extolled about his prowess to produce an absolutely enormous load (and he’d sent apparent photo’ proof too). So, being a filthy slut just loves taking a guy’s hot load inside her and intrigued by Austin’s promises & impressed by the photo’ he’d sent me, I booked in a shoot with him at my home yesterday. Well now I’m aware that some guys can get a bit carried away when bragging about their sexual exploits and let’s face it, photo’s can easily be doctored on a PC nowadays, so although I was excited at the prospect of taking an absolutely enormous ‘cream-pie’, I was a little sceptical that he would be able to match-up to his own publicity.

My photographer was already here and was setting his equipment up in my bedroom when Austin duly arrived at the appointed hour and turned out to be a nice but somewhat ordinary guy. I greeted him wearing a crotchless corset with stockings, stilettos and bare tits. After a drink (during which he kept ogling my tits and licking his lips – obviously eager to get stuck-in!) I led him upstairs to my bedroom where he stripped naked and I proceeded to suck him hard (which didn’t take long!) We’d agreed that we’d shoot a short scene where Austin would fuck me and (as he was fully cert’d) ‘cream-pie’ me, so once he was hard I bent over the bed so he could penetrate me from behind. He was soon pumping his tool into me and obviously enjoying the experience whilst my ‘tog got some good angles with both the stills & video cameras. However, I wanted to get ‘cream-pied’ whilst laying on my back with my legs spread wide so that my ‘tog could get some good close-up shots of the sticky aftermath if Austin’s load turned out to be as big as he’d promised.

Well, I needn’t have worried as a couple of minutes later I was laying on my back with my legs pinned back over my shoulders as Austin was thrusting himself into me hard & fast as he approached his climax. I urged him to fill me with his hot load and that’s just what he did. Oh my God! He seemed to be squirting inside me for a full twenty seconds or so and he came in me so powerfully that I could actually feel his hot semen spurting deep into my cunt! After he’d finally finished ejaculating inside me he pulled his cock out of my slit and I positioned a glass plate that I had handy beneath my bum and unclenched my cunt muscles to allow his load to leak out of me. I have a mirrored ceiling above my bed and I watched in utter amazement as the biggest amount of thick jelly spunk I’ve ever seen one guy produce, oozed out of my pouting cunt and spattered onto the glass plate, all but covering it with his enormous load. It was so fucking horny that I almost came right there & then so I scooped up as much of his sperm as I could and finger-fucked his sticky goo back into my cunt until, bringing myself off until I actually did climax.

When I’d finally finished cumming I looked up to see Austin and my photographer standing there open-mouthed watching me – I guess that must have been one hell of a horny sight watching me finger myself to orgasm using all that thick white spunk as lubricant for my fingers? Well thankfully my ‘tog hadn’t been so overwhelmed by the filthy scene that he’d forgotten to video it and I have to say, having watched the unedited footage back it’s an absolutely filthy scene! I noticed that Austin’s cock was swelling nicely again so I spread my legs and continued to finger fuck his spunk back into myself as he wanked himself off over me. A couple of minutes later and he was spattering yet another big hot load onto my already spunk-saturated cunt and I eagerly fingered every thick glob into my sticky pink sex-hole as it squirted from his penis onto me – and I was so turned-on that I climaxed for a second time using just my fingers and Austin’s spunk inside me and my ‘tog had the presence of mind to keep his camera rolling, so thankfully we recorded me taking all that extra cream too.

So, it turned-out that Austin is a real gem of a find and I’ve already asked him to cum back soon to shoot me taking his massive load in my mouth/face and all over my tits on-camera. I’m sure he’s going to be making more appearances in some incredibly filthy scenes with me in the future, so look out for them appearing in future updates in due course.

Here’s a preview pic’ of me having just oozed Austin’s huge load. Reckon you can beat this enormous load? If so, I’d love to meet you!

Ten Guy Cream-Pie – Are You Up For It?!

Well my site has now been ‘live’ for a month and I’ve been absolutely overwhelmed by the response (the membership figures are extremely encouraging already) and it makes it so much more worthwhile for me shooting new content for the site, knowing that so many horny guys are enjoying all the filthy escapades I’ve been getting up to!

I’ve had so many encouraging comments and lots of you seem to appreciate a filthy whore MILF like me, who just loves to get fucked & filled with as much spunk as possible, as often as possible. I’ve had more than a few randy guys apply to be in my future shoots and they will be appearing with me in some very rude scenarios over the forthcoming months, so look out for them appearing in my weekly updates.

I’ve also had some really filthy ideas sent in for kinky scenarios that I’ve enjoyed reading (and I must admit that I’ve even had a couple of wanks whilst reading some of them through!) Some of you naughty guys really do have very filthy minds and I’m looking forward to setting up some of the scenarios to be photographed & filmed to share with all my members.

My favourite so far was from Mike in Derby who e-mailed saying that he’d really like to see me take a multiple cream-pie from a load of well-hung heavy-cummers. He went into some detail about how he’d like to see me lay back in a sexy open-crotch net body stocking with my tits & cunt exposed, spread my thighs wide and invite at least ten well-hung guys to stick their cocks in me, fuck me and squirt a big thick load straight up me one after the other until I’m absolutely flooded with hot gooey cum (I reckon he was having a wank whilst he wrote it and I certainly bought myself off whilst reading it!) He then got even more filthy, describing how after I’ve taken everyone’s cum, he’d like to see me opened-up with a stainless-steel speculum to show all that mixed sperm deep inside me. Well as luck would have it I have such an implement, so that’s not a problem at all – bring it on!

Well now, that scenario certainly appeals to me and it’s something I’d definitely love to realise – on-camera so that I can share it with all my members. Of course, what I now need is about a dozen randy guys who would like to cum & fuck me bare & cream-pie me, so if you are up for that then drop me an e-mail & who knows, you could be dumping your big hot load up me before you know it! Once I have enough guys, I’ll arrange a hotel room one afternoon or evening and will invite my cameraman along to shoot me being a totally filthy bitch and taking as much spunk up my cunt as the guys can give me – now that will make for one really horny scene! I think the most hot cream fillings I’ve ever taken at one time is four, so this would really raise the bar if we can arrange it.

If you’re camera-shy it’s not a problem as I’ll have some masks on-hand so you can remain anonymous and there’ll be no fees involved, so you’ll get to fuck me & ’cream-pie’ me for free (now it’s not every day an offer like that comes along, is it?) You will need to sign a release form and provide photo’ ID (to prove you are over 18!)

Right then guys, the challenge has been set and I look forward to hearing from all you horny fuckers who are up for shooting with me, so I can arrange to do it real soon (I’m getting moist just thinking about it now!) I want you all to leave me in an even stickier mess than in the accompanying photo’ (taken at a gang-bang a few years ago) – now that’s definitely going to be one hell of a filthy scene!

Cream-Pie Ma’am? Ooh, Yes Please!

Just filled with a member's big sticky load

I had a very sticky day today as I’d arranged a photo’/video shoot with the first guy from my website who contacted me saying that he wanted to be in a scene with me. He sent me an e-mail with his photo’s via the ’Star with me’ area of the site a couple of weeks back and I was pleased to note that he was quite a horny Greek guy called Markos with a mouth-wateringly large cock that I must admit I very much fancied having deep inside my cunt as soon as I saw it.

After I saw Markos’s pic’s I e-mailed him to check that he was 100% cool about appearing with me facially on my website in XXX-rated photo’s & video and I’m pleased to say that he replied that he couldn’t wait. So, we arranged to meet this-afternoon to shoot a sexy scene together and I asked him to save up HUGE load to fill me with as I wanted to make sure I got a very full & sticky ‘cream-pie’ to show off to all the members on my website.

Well Markos arrived at my place bang on time and I greeted him wearing an ‘almost there’ open-crotch bodysuit that left virtually nothing to the imagination. Markos nearly fell off my doorstep when I opened the door with my cunt clearly on display and invited him inside! He was obviously a bit nervous & flustered, so I got him a cold beer from the ‘fridge (making sure I wiggled my arse for his benefit as I went through to the kitchen) and sat down with him for a chat (making sure he still had a good view of my freshly shaven cunt all the while of course!)

My photographer arrived a few minutes later and set-about setting up his lights & camera equipment whilst I chatted to Markos, telling him how much I was looking forward to shooting my first scene with a real member from my website and sharing the event with all the other members in pictures & video. I sorted out a fresh towel so that Markos coiuld shower after his journey down from London, and by the time he emerged from my bathroom in just his crisp white briefs (which I was pleased to note sported a rather large bulge at the front) my ‘tog was ready to rock & roll and so it was time to start the shoot.

We decided to shoot the scene at my cocktail bar and as soon as I reached down to stroke Markos’s cock through his shorts it started to swell until I could clearly make out the outline of a gorgeous thick penis nestled under the thin white fabric. Making sure the camer could see all the while, I knelt in front of Markos, stuck out my arse provocatively and peeled the waistband of his briefs down to his balls so that his eight-inch tool stood proud & erect right in front of my face. Well I couldn’t resist the temptation to have it in my mouth for long and soon I was sucking on it for all I was worth. Markos’s cock was absolutely iron-hard and I was desperate to have it inside me so I bent over one of my bar-stools to present my arse to him and invited him to stick it up me and fuck me like a whore! Markos didn’t need asking twice and he reached out, spread my arse cheeks wide to part my cunt-lips slightly and with one long thrust he penetrated me right up to his big heavy balls, making me gasp as he did so (this boy was BIG!)

I always worry when shooting a scene with an ‘amateur’ guy that he’ll cum too soon and we won’t get all the shots & angles that we need but Markos made sure that I got a good sound pumping in several positions whilst my photographer busied himself with camera & camcorder alternately, recording the action for uploading to my website. To be honest I was enjoying having Markos’s big thick tool inside me so much that I wasn’t really paying attention to the job in hand (not very professional of me for once!) and before I knew it my photographer said he’s got everything he needed so it was time for Markos to fill me with his spunk for the requisite ‘cream-pie’ finale.

I decided I’d like to take it whilst kneeling on all fours with my arse stuck up in the air and Markos doing me deep from behind and so a few minutes later I was suitably prone with Markos pumping his meat into me with increasing vigour as he built up to doing what he’d been looking forward to for so long. Suddenly he gripped me forcefully around the waist and thrust his engorged cock deep in my cunt and shouted “Oh God, I’m cumming …..I’m fucking cumming right up your cunt, you dirty bitch!” With that I felt his cock spasming inside me as he unloaded his hot load in thick powerful jets. It felt so good that I climaxed myself as he filled me with his seed – it seemed to go on forever as his meaty shaft pulsated inside me whilst he emptied his balls into my sticky sex-hole – I was in heaven!

When Markos had finally finished ejaculating inside me my photographer positioned himself to get a close-up shot of my cunt as he pulled his cock out of me. My God, the amount of sperm Markos had squirted up me was absolutely unbelievable! He said he’d been saving it up for me for almost a week and boy, what a BIG load he’d injected me with – I was flooded with his jism and it looked superb as his thick white cream slowly oozed out of my pink slit to spatter on the wooden floor between my legs. My photographer was extremely pleased with the footage he’d shot and after packing-up his stuff he bade us farewell and headed off home to make a start on editing the video.

I have to admit that I did invite Markos to stay a little longer and do me again – just for fun (ie: without the camera) which he seemed more than happy to do! In fact it was almost 10pm before Markos finally headed off on his drive back up to London – by which time he’d fucked me and creamed up me twice more! Well, all work and no play is no fun, now is it?

I can’t wait to share the pic’s & video clip from my horny shoot with Markos with the rest of you all so look out for them appearing in my updates soon – and if all my future shoots with members are as satisfying as today’s I’ll be a very happy girl! Of course, if you think I’d look good with your big sticky load dribbling out of my cunt after you’ve fucked me & cum up me then drop me a note with your photo’ and who knows…? (Please note that this offer is made to members only to deter time-wasters).

Here’s a snap my ‘tog took of Markos & I just after he’d fucked me & filled me to overflowing with his big hot load. In fact I’m still full of his sperm as this photo’ was taken – dirty girl!

Delightfully Dirty ‘Dogging’

Well, I’m all excited today as finally (after months of planning & design work) my own personal member’s-only website has gone ‘live’! It’s cram-packed with all manner of filthy hardcore photosets & videos and I’ll be adding new horny updates every single week.

Also, last night I attended the first of a new ‘Dogging’ event being held at a private venue just off the M2 motorway on north Kent which was great fun. I was personally invited along by the organisers (who I know) and as I’ve not enjoyed a bit of ‘dogging’ for a while now (I used to go all the time) I was more than pleased to go along with a horny guy I know in his car.

The venue is totally private & secluded (so there’s no danger of being interrupted by any ‘unwanted visitors’ who want to spoil the fun) and it consists of a large car-parking area surrounded by private woodland so is absolutely perfect for ‘dogging’ activities.

I was picked-up by Jason in his BMW just after 10pm and we drove along to the venue which is conveniently located just off the M2 motorway near Rainham. On turning into the private lane a security guy checked my name was on his guest list and waved us through. We continued down to the end of the lane and into the large car-parking area where there were several other cars already parked-up. We chose a spot in the corner of the car-park alongside the woods and switched-off the engine. Through the darkness I could make out a car on the far side of the car-park with the interior light on and several guys gathered closely around it, so I guessed that the evening’s fun had already begun.

Jason flashed the car headlights a few times (an invitation to other ‘doggers’ to come and watch) and we got straight down to business as both Jason & I were feeling really horny. I was wearing a short, tight mini-skirt with stockings & suspenders (but no panties) and a ‘boob-tube’ top that easily pulled down to expose my tits. Jason started proceedings by pulling down my top and getting to work on my breasts with his hands & mouth. We’d switched the interior light on so it was difficult to see outside but it was only a minute or two before I could plainly make out shadowy figures surrounding the car (I guess there must have been four or five at least) so I knew that guys had come out of the woods or their cars and were crowding around the car to watch what was going on inside – wow, this was really horny!

Jason pulled up my skirt and aI spread my thighs, positioning myself so that as many people as possible outside could get a clear view of him sliding his fingers into my already sopping wet slit, occasionally pulling his fingers out and spreading my cunt-lips wide so that the anonymous watchers could get a good view of my open sex-hole through the windows. By now a couple of guys had pressed themselves against the windows (which we’d opened a little to make sure the car didn’t steam-up) and I could clearly make out a couple of total stranger’s faces as they leered in at my body. I was really filthed-up now and decided to make a big show of kneeling on the seat with my arse in the air so that I could suck Jason’s stiff cock. My arse was just inches from the passenger side window and Jason wound the window down a little further so that a couple of guys could get their hands in to grope my cunt & arse as I sucked him. Before I knew it at least four hands were urgently groping my bum and taking turns at sliding fingers deep into my wet sticky cunt – and I hadn’t got a clue who these fingers that were inside me belonged to – - what a turn-on!

I was in desperate need of a cock inside me so I repositioned myself so that I was sitting on Jason’s lap and he guided his stiff tool into my cunt so that he could fuck me. As I rode on Jasons’s cock I could make out several stranger’s faces leering at me through the glass and it was obvious that a couple of the guys had their cocks out and were wanking as they watched me getting fucked and this only served to make me even hornier. I pressed the window button and would the window down a little further so that the guys outside could reach inside and feel my tits. Having a load of strange hands groping at my breasts whilst I rode up & down on Jason’s cock was amazing and he was obviously enjoying himself too as he began to thrust himself into me deeper & harder. Then I spotted a cock sticking through the open window and without thinking I leant across to suck it – this was getting really filthy! I’d only had the stranger’s penis in my mouth for about ten seconds when suddenly my mouth was flooded with hot salty semen – the dirty bastard had ejaculated in my mouth without even asking!

His sperm dribbled down my chin & spattered onto my tits and the eager hands were quick to rub the sticky fluid into my big tits. Jason had obviously noticed what was happening and evidently found it to be a big turn-on as he suddenly let out a long groan and I felt him pumping his hot load deep into my cunt – wow! After he’d finally finished filling me, I slid off his cock and lay back on the passenger seat with my legs spread wide ao that all the guys outside could watch his cream slowly oozing out of me – one guy obviously found that to be just too horny as suddenly several jets of spunk spattered on the windscreen right in front of me as he wanked himself off – nice!

There were still strange hands groping at my tits through the open window so I sat up on the seat and asked the guys outside “So, who wants me to suck them off?” Almost immediately another cock was pushed into my face through the open car window and I set about sucking it greedily. No sooner had I managed to coax the owner’s sperm from his balls into my face than it was instantly replaced by another – and another. I sucked off five guys in total like this and by the time Jason finally wound up the window I was laying back in his passenger set with my face & tits smothered with a liberal coating of sticky mixed stranger’s semen!

Jason started the car and we drove slowly out of the car-park & up the lane. Fifteen minutes later we were back at his flat on the outskirts of Maidstone and I was mounting the stairs with my breasts still bare & sticky under the coat I’d brought along to put over my outfit. A few minutes after that I was on my back on Jason’s bed with him pumping his hard shaft into my still creamy cunt as he delighted in rubbing his chest against my tits that were still smothered with the stranger’s spunk from the ‘dogging’ event as he fucked me.

What a filthy evening we both had – I really can’t wait for the next one (apparently the plan is to run them at the venue at least once a month). I do have a long-held fantasy of being taken across the bonnet of a car by numerous strangers at a ‘dogging’ event, so maybe I can realise that one next time? Hey, maybe I could film a dirty ‘dogging’ event like that for my new member’s-only website – any willing ‘doggers’ out there up for that?

Here’s me ‘getting acquainted’ with a single guy who turned-up at last night’s event.

Welcome to my NEW Blog

Welcome to my new member’s-only website! It’s taken a lot of work amassing all the horny content from my extensive personal collection but after repeated requests imploring me to set-up my own website for my fans, how could I resist any longer?

So, here it is and I hope you enjoy it. I’ve had a great time over the years getting up to all sorts of filthy spunky sex fun and thankfully most of the time there’s always been someone on-hand with a camera or camcorder to capture the action (I’m certainly not camera-shy!) Trawling through all the filthy pic’s & video clips on my PC has been a marathon task but reliving old memories of filthy scenarios I’ve been involved in has been great fun (and I’ve had more than a few wanks along the way whilst doing so!)

I’ll be uploading new content (photo’s and video) every single week from now on and will be arranging all manner of kinky photo’ & video shoots specifically for my members to enjoy – and you’ll always see what I’m getting up to here first (I value my fans and want to make sure you get VIP treatment!) As you know, I’m a cock-hungry filthy MILF slut who just loves cock of all shapes, sizes & ages and am never happier than when I’m taking a hot ‘cream-pie’ filling from a randy guy. I just love spunk and can’t get enough – preferably deep inside my tight sex-hole!

So, if there’s a specific scenario or outfit that you’d like to see me getting soundly fucked and extremely sticky in, let me know. Or, if you’d like to ‘star’ in a scene with me drop me a line – who knows, you might get lucky!

I’ll use my Blog to keep you updated with what I’m getting up to on a weekly basis and what I have planned in the way of shoots etc. so be sure to check back often to keep ‘abreast’ of my sexy adventures – there’s never a dull moment in Carly G’s filthy, sticky life I can assure you!

As an example, here’s me getting soundly fucked on a shoot recently by a randy guy whilst his sexy young nymph girlfriend films him banging my brains out – and it was supposed to be me filming them fucking as a couple! The poor guy just couldn’t wait to get stuck up me and I didn’t want to be rude and disappoint him. She didn’t seem to mind (even when he unexpectedly blew his load inside me – which wasn’t on the script) how sweet of her!

Getting Filled

Cindy filming her boyfriend cumming up me